Loft & Penthouse Weddings

Christie & Ryan's Rustic Wedding at The Roundhouse NY
Christie & Ryan | The Roundhouse | Beacon, NY

I was out with my friend in Hoboken for the day when we decided to go to one last bar before heading home. When we walked in, Ryan bumped into me…

Kelsey & Joseph's Rooftop Wedding at Above
Kelsey & Joseph | Above | Staten Island, NY

We were introduced at a mutual friend’s graduation party. I was attending pharmacy school in Buffalo, where Joseph had just been accepted to dental school…

Ilana & Alexander's Wedding at The Roundhouse NY
Ilana & Alexander | The Roundhouse | Beacon, NY

Ilana and I met as kids growing up in Miami, Florida. By the end of high school, we’d grown into close friends, and going off to college in separate states didn’t cause us to drift apart…

Alicia & Joseph's Wedding at The Above Ballroom NY
Alicia & Joseph | Above | Staten Island, NY

Joe and I met through my friend Marie, who married Joe’s cousin Louis. She always insisted Joe and I were the perfect match and eventually we went on a double date.

Kristy & Matthew | Above | Staten Island, NY

Matt and I met at Wagner College when he was a senior and I was a junior. We had several friends in common and then our friendship turned into more.

Karley & Joe's Wedding at The Roundhouse
Karley & Joe | The Roundhouse | Beacon, NY

Joey and I met the summer I moved to Queens from upstate NY. We were at a mutual friend’s party in Manhattan…

Alyssa & Steve's Wedding at Above (Photos- Moments by McMahon)
Alyssa & Steve | Above | Staten Island, NY

Steve and I met in high school. Being just kids at the time, for our first date, he gave me the choice of McDonald’s or Wendy’s, and I chose …

Jason & Rachel's Wedding at The Roundhouse (Photography: Weddings by Two)
Jason & Rachel | The Roundhouse | Beacon, NY

Jason and I met in college, where we lived next door to each other in my freshman dorm. We started dating the following year…