Wedding Traditions

Traditions | The French Wedding

The French wedding is inspired by the artistic beauty of the French countryside itself.

Traditions | The Hawaiian Wedding

In Hawaii, “… our symbol of love has always been the beauty of nature.”

Bangasa. When the bride and groom enter into the shrine, they sometimes use this umbrella, made of a coarse oil-paper.
Traditions | The Japanese Wedding

The Japanese wedding ceremony joins two people, and incorporates many rituals that also join the two families.

Irish Wedding Traditions. Photo: Wed in Ireland
Traditions | The Irish Wedding

Celebrate with festive traditions, foods, and symbols of “Irish Good Luck” everlasting.

Latin Wedding Traditions. The Reception
Traditions | The Latin Wedding

Elaborate fashions and traditional dishes, plus age-old rituals of commitment.

Traditions | The African Wedding

Celebrating a union with traditional rituals, foods, and ancient symbolism.

Greek Wedding Traditions, Holy Trinity Church
Traditions | The Greek Wedding

Repeat each of your wedding rituals three times … and be bound together for life.

The Crowning Ceremony
Traditions | The Russian Wedding

Your joys will be doubled, your sorrows halved … for now all will be shared.

Traditions | The Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding Traditions celebrate your union with special rituals, fashions, and foods as you receive blessings from family and friends.

Taryn & Neil, at their wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland, at the Cathedral of St. Giles just after their ceremony. Photos: Coca Vogel, mother of the bride
Traditions | The Scottish Wedding

Celebrating a union with traditional kilts, customs, and romantic Gaelic rituals.